The Common Fields of Nursing

NursingThe main purpose of nursing is to provide a reality-based, culturally-sensitive care to individuals who are probably battling an illness by helping them live comfortably until recovery or in some case, have a peaceful death. It’s more involving than just checking vital health signs at regular intermissions. Many nurses scramble for the hospital floor, which may not give enough experience needed for practice. For any ambitious or experienced or upcoming nurse, the field presents a lot of options to choose from.

As a registered nurse, you can venture into in home nursing nowadays; since there is a great need for care in homes due to the increasing medical expenses in hospitals. Many of the pensioners opt to use their home health benefit of their insurance plans, which has opened a door for home based nursing. In this category of nursing, the practitioners can handle patients according to their capability and specialty. Often, it normally involves; wound care and dressing, bathing assistance, general health valuations and any other health needs of the patient. This kind of nursing is very rewarding in terms of remuneration.

There is also the field of emergency room nursing. This field involves nurses assessing the accident patients upon arrival and sorting them according to the injuries they have incurred. Prior to doctor’s transfer, it is these nurses that monitor such patients. Emergency room nursing is fast paced and therefore, stressful, thus a need for very fast thinkers. It’s very critical due to the ever-increasing accidents on the roads and at homes.

Another common home care givers are the nursing assistants. There also very common in home nursing, however, not registered nurses. Nursing assistants work in; home health, older living communities, hospitals, psychiatric facilities or other amenities where care is required. This practice deals with critically ill patients by providing care service such as; bathing the patients, changing bedpans or feeding those incapable of feeding themselves.

Nursing profession never ends there; it also has the option of floor nursing and operating room nursing. Floor
nursing has the options of; orthopedics, critical care, maternity, surgical or pediatrics. On the other hand, the operating room nurses assist during surgical procedures.